evolution series

The Evolution Series is a total environmental control unit designed specifically for sealed room applications. The unit is capable of mass dehumidification, air conditioning and air filtration. We designed an advanced system that is incredibly simple to install and operate. We believe innovation is taking complex systems and making them simple.

The Evolution Series is engineered to utilize our next generation modular platform. This allows us to customize each system to the clients specific needs, maximizing the overall versatility of the unit. This platform also allows us to offer the Evolution Series in both a cooling only and cooling + dehumidification. Both models are available in Plug & Play with quick connect fittings or Pro Series for HVAC mechanics.


+ System capable of running 24 hours per day

+ Components designed for extreme environments

+ Experienced product specialists on standby


+ Advanced capabilities made simple

+ Data driven monitoring*

+ Designed for user experience


+ Available in Plug & Play or Pro Series (HVAC mechanic)

+ Modular platform allows for customized setups

+ Most compact environmental control unit on the market

*Currently in beta testing

Capacity BTU Cooling Load 230V 1 ∅ / 3 ∅ Pints per day
2.0 TON 24,000 6,000 Watts 13.9A / 9.6A 160
3.0 TON 36,000 9,000 Watts 18.5A / 12.7A 240
4.0 TON 48,000 12,000 Watts 25.2A / 16.1A 320
5.0 TON 60,000 15,000 Watts 29.5A / 19.2A 400
Based on 80F outdoor air temperature, R12 insulation
or better, burning Co2. Available in 208/230 & 460V 1/3 Phase

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The Excel UV Air Purifier is designed to change the molecular structure of the contaminants through DNA Sterilization using UV-C (254nM). It Will kill mold, bacteria and viruses!

Flexible Lineset

Flexible linsesets are now a possibility! No more kinking or bending soft copper! Connecting your indoor and outdoor unit has never been easier.

Fabric duct new.jpg


A high quality polyester fabric duct engineered specific to your system. Evenly disperse the air throughout your space to eliminate hot and cold spots within your sealed room.



Adding a plenum to your Excel Air Systems units  allows you to direct the airflow to the opposite end of your room or easily connect ductwork to your system.