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fabric duct run.JPG

FABRIC Ducting


FABRIC Ducting

perfect airflow distribution

Our Fabric Duct is engineered specific to the system you wish to pair it with providing even airflow throughout the room.


  • Even airflow along the entire duct

  • Simple to install

  • Extremely lightweight

  • Will not condensate

  • Machine washable

  • Customizable




Quick Kits


Custom Solutions

We offer Quick Kits in 15’ and 30’ lengths which come as a complete package ready to install in minutes. For customized solutions specific to your space we can engineer, design and produce your Fabric Duct in 3 weeks.

Even Airflow

The Fabric Duct is designed to have the air fill the duct from the end back to the air handler. This ensures even airflow from the beginning to the end of the run.


Most ducting is not properly designed to the specific fan it’s being paired with which leads to hot and cold spots within a space. Our Fabric Duct takes CFM, velocity, length and static into consideration providing perfect customizable airflow.

No Condensation

The Fabric Duct permeates 2CFM around the entire surface area of the duct ensuring no condensation dripping from the duct. Also because of this constant positive pressure no dirt or debris will sit on and collect on the duct.


The duct is extremely lightweight and can be installed using only one aircraft cable. Just mount the cable with tensioners and use the built in clips to setup the duct in minutes. It’s also machine washable so removing to clean can be done with very little downtime.


The Fabric Duct can be designed with T’s, elbows, vertically or any other design you’re looking to achieve. We can use different materials, colors and mounting solutions.


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