Dual Room Damper Package

A Dual Room Damper Package is used to control the temperature in two rooms. Only one room per cycle will be controlled using only one Air Handler. There are two motorized dampers connected to Room 1 (Supply and Return) which will be configured as the "CLOSED" state. When Room 1 is "ON" both the supply and return dampers will be open and the room's digital thermostat will become energized. When Room 2 is "ON" the motorized dampers from Room 1 will close and Room 2 will open. On the flip Room 1 thermostat will turn off while Room 2 becomes energized.

Package Comes complete with

  • 2 Supply Air Motorized Dampers
  • 2 Return Air Motorized Dampers
  • Top & Bottom Metal Plenums
  • 12hr Flip Control Relay
  • Digital Thermostat w/ 15ft Control Wire
  • Installation and Wiring Guide

Key Benefits

  • Only (1) Air Handler and Condensing Unit required
  • Less expensive than 2 systems
  • Precision Drive Damper Motors
  • Fail open motorized dampers
  • Easy Installation
  • Industries best support!


Installation Manual


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