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Fabric duct

Ducting has never been easier with Excel Air Systems' new fabric air duct. Simply run the included tension cable from one end of the room to the other and attach the 15' section of fabric duct to the cable using the integrated clips. Using the supplied lock-down strap attach one end of the fabric duct to your top plenum on your Indoor Air Handler. It's that easy! Additional duct lengths can bee added using the ducts' built-in zipper system. The kit comes as a complete package with everything you'll need to setup your duct.

The fabric duct is made of high quality polyester fabric. It's engineered for the specific CFM requirements on all Excel Air Systems Indoor Air Handlers. Air is evenly distributed along the entire length of the duct through laser cut precision air holes, ensuring no hot and cold spots within your space. It's permeable (2  CFM per sq.ft) fabric rejects the buildup of dirt and debris from sitting on top of the ducting also making it impossible for any condensation to form. When time, efficiency and overall design is considered there is no better solution for distributing air!

Package Comes complete with

  • 15' High quality polyester fabric ducting
  • Integrated hanging clips
  • 40' mounting cable
  • (2) Tensioners (5) Lock-Nuts (3) Eyebolts
  • Plenum mounting strap
  • Zip-On end cap

Key Benefits

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Quick setup
  • Even airflow
  • Customizable
  • Machine washable


Installation Manual

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