Details make or break a product. This is why we've carefully crafted a product with incredible abilities but entirely simple to install.

Indoor Air Handler

Height: 54"

Width: 29 1/2"

Depth: 29 1/2"

Overall Weight w/ Compressor: 300lbs

Color: Proto Grey

Blower Module

Aluminum Frame with panel snaps

Fan: 19" Composite Backwards Incline

Motor: 1030RPM 230V 3 PHASE 60hz @ 2.1A

CFM: 3400 Max @ 0.6" Static Pressure***

Integrated Plenum

*UV Purifier Ready

*Ability to size down fan

***Max CFM is 2100 CFM when Inline Filtration Module is connected @ +1.0" Static Pressure

Coil Module

Aluminum Frame with panel snaps

Coil: Dual Microchannel Evaporator

Drainage: Vertical/Horizontal composite drainpan

Filtration: 2" Standard filter *Upgradable to higher Merv Rating

Connector Panel: Quick Connect Fittings (Suction, Liquid, Discharge) Turn & Lock (Thermostat, Condenser)

Compressor Module

Aluminum Frame with panel snaps

Compressor: Integrated into sound deadened box with Quick Connect fittings

Power: 24,000 - 60,000 BTU

Electrical Panel: Fully sealed control panel with all relays, contacts and wire terminations

Slide Rails for quick compressor mounting (Vertical & Horizontal)


Height: 34"

Width: 39 1/2"

Depth of Coil: 4"

Depth of Fan: 14"

Weight: 200lbs

Color: Proto Grey

Capacity: 60,000 BTU

Fan: 25" Circular fan with wing tip blades

Motor: 990RPM 230V 1 PHASE 60hz @ 4.7A 

CFM: 4700 @ .5" Static Pressure

Aluminum enclosure with steel fan curve

Low Ambient Control (outdoor extreme cold rated)

Quick Connect Fittings (Liquid, Discharge)

Turn & Lock Control Connections

Dual Mount baseplate for two configurations (Standard, Low Clearance)

Super Slim Design

Flexible Lineset

Polyamide sleeve, flexible aluminum barrier and weather resistant rubber cover

Next Generation Quick Connect Ball Bearing Fittings

Pre-Charged R410A 650+ PSI Rated

Thermostat & Control Wires

Nest Wifi Thermostat

Control both Temperature & Humidity 24/7 Remotely

Pre-Wired with Turn & Lock connector, no wiring required

All Control wires come completely pre-done with Turn & Lock connectors

Anyone can install effortlessly