Top & Bottom plenums

Adding a plenum to your Excel Air Systems unit will greatly improve the ease of installation and Indoor Air Handler efficiency. The box sits over the blower allowing to take the turbulence out of the air and send it down your ducting at a constant flow rate.

Key Benefits

  • Made specifically for Excel Air Handlers
  • Customize to your setup
  • Easily mount ducting to your unit
  • Remove turbulence from air
  • Highly recommended


Installation Manual

Recommended Products

UV Air Purifier

The Excel UV Air Purifier is designed to change the molecular structure of the contaminants through DNA Sterilization using UV-C (254nM). It Will kill mold, bacteria and viruses!

Dual Room Damper Package

Control 2 rooms with 1 system on a 12hr flip using motorized dampers. This package can be added onto any system.

Electric Heater

Easily add-on a 5-20kW Heater to inside Air Handler to maintain nighttime temperature. 


A high quality polyester fabric duct engineered specific to your system. Evenly disperse the air throughout your space to eliminate hot and cold spots within your sealed room.