Make any unit even better with these great Add-on's.


Unlock the ability to scrub the air completely. The filtration module is an add-on module that connects inline with the Supply Air side of the Indoor Air Handler. As the air leaves the blower module it will then pass through several high efficiency filters then through 25lbs of Custom Coconut Charcoal and/or Zeolite blend, depending on what toxins or specific levels you're trying to achieve in your sealed room. As long as the blower is running the air will be continuously treated 24 hours per day.

  • MERV 8 Pre-Filter
  • MERV 15 Main Filter (95%+ particulate removal)
  • 2 Slide-in Trays with 25lbs of Custom Coconut Charcoal or Zeolite Blend for significant odor removal
  • Full filtration even while in Air Conditioning mode (2000+ CFM still available for cooling up to 60,000BTU's)
  • Filtration Module can be added on at any time
  • Only adds 24" of height to Evolution Series Air Handler (78" total height)


UV Air Purifier

The Excel UV Air Purifier is designed to change the molecular structure of the contaminants through DNA Sterilization and Photo-Oxidation using UV-C (254nm), destroying both biological and chemical contaminants. It will kill mold, bacteria and viruses! Simply mounted inside the Indoor Air Handler or ductwork and easily wired to the power supply on the 24v control board in the air handler. The bulbs are dual quartz walled meaning temperature fluctuations and moisture will not disrupt the air treatment.

  • Destroy mold, bacteria and spores
  • Water Resistant IP57 connectors
  • 18-32 VAC, 60Hz, 0.68A, 16VA



The fabric duct is made of high quality polyester fabric. It’s engineered for the specific CFM requirements on Excel Air System packages. Air is evenly distributed along the entire length of the duct through specialized meshing, ensuring no hot and cold spots within your space. It’s permeable (2 cfm per sq ft) fabric rejects the buildup of dirt and debris from sitting on top of the ducting also making it impossible for any condensation to form. It makes installation simple and efficient while providing precise airflow.

Ducting has never been easier with Excel Air Systems’ new fabric air duct. Simply run the included tension cable from one end of the room to the other and attach the 15’ section of fabric duct to the cable using the integrated clips. Using the supplied lock-down strap attach one end of the fabric duct to your top plenum on your Indoor Air Handler. It’s that easy! Additional duct lengths can be added using the ducts’ built-in zipper system. The kit comes as a complete package with everything you’ll need to setup your duct.

  • Comes as a complete package specifically engineered for your application
  • Additional lengths just zip together
  • Aircraft cable with tensioners for setup in minutes
  • Machine Washable
  • Evenly disperses air throughout the run (No hot and cold spots)
  • Can be customized upon request


MULTI-Zone Controller

The Multi-Zone add-on allows a single room system to use several motorized dampers to direct cooling/air treatment to several spaces at once. The system comes with additional thermostats to ensure each space in controlled independently. The add-on can be customized to your specific requirements. To ensure your system goals are met please contact one of our Product Specialists.



Add a heater into any existing Air Handler. This will allow you to control nighttime temperatures and avoid ambient temperatures that can cause issues with electronics, plants, water and overall comfort.


Hanging Kit

When looking to mount the unit horizontally a hanging kit is required to suspend the unit from the ceiling. Our complete package hanging kits make this task very quick and efficient.