We believe innovation is taking complex things and making them simple. This is why we also offer a handful of unique, simple and effective add-ons that can be added onto any unit.

Fabric Ducting

Even air flow is critical for sealed rooms. We offer engineered ducting specific to your room design. It’s machine washable and sets up in minutes.

UV Air Purification

Kill mildew, spores and bacteria with our UV-C germicidal bulb. It’s designed to be integrated into any Indoor Air Handler ensuring a cleaner, healthier room.

Flexible Lineset

All of our systems come pre-charged but copper pipes can cause headaches during installation. This is why we developed a completely flexible lineset to make installation simple and efficient.

CleanAir Filtration Systems

Available in a Standalone system or Inline integrated into the Indoor Air Handler. Our CleanAir systems are designed to remove ultra fine particulate as well as killing harsh smells.

Hanging Kit

Pre-fabricated hanging kits designed for horizontal air handlers.

Condensate Pump

Why not reuse the condensation collected from your unit and/or pump it where you want it.

Zoning Controls

We have several products that can allow air to be redirected or shared during run cycles.




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