CleanAir Standalone


CleanAir Standalone

Remove Harsh Smells


Filter the air

The CleanAir Filtration System is a multi-chamber filtration unit designed to remove harmful VOC’s and particulate in the air.


clean air


Clean Product

The Standalone CleanAir system has the ability to clean up to a 6000+ cubic foot space. The unit is capable of removing 99% of airborne particulate using our MERV11 or MERV15 ultra high efficiency filters and scrub harsh organic smells using it’s integrated 55lbs of custom shaled coconut charcoal.


  • Remove harsh organic smells

  • Remove 99% of particulate in the air

  • High static BI Fan for more air turns

  • Integrate UV Purifier

  • Can be placed anywhere in the room

  • Easy maintenance


Standard Pre-Filter (MERV 2)

4” High Efficiency Filter (Standard is MERV 11 can be customized up to MERV 15)

4 Trays of Shaled Custom Coconut Charcoal (55lbs Total)

2800CFM German Engineered Backward Incline Fan (High Static Capability)

Modular All Aluminum Frame (Upgrade Ability

Powder Coated Laser Fabricated Panels and Venting (2 sides need to be open for return air)

230V Plug End (24V transformer included if adding UV Bulb)

Compact System (30” x 30” x 30”)


CleanAir Standalone Cutsheet

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